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Management Team

Management Team

Stuart Finger: Founder
Stuart Finger, Founder of CTFO, has been a successful network marketer and company owner since 1989. He achieved a high ranking position in his first company and the top position in his second company, building teams of many thousands of people. He then owned and operated his own successful company for 18 years with tens of thousands of distributors and hundreds of thousands of customers. Stuart has also owned and operated multiple traditional businesses including restaurants and retail sales. His passion has always been helping others succeed.

Steve Finger: Chief Executive Officer and President
Steve Finger has over 35 years of experience in sales and marketing. His marketing endeavors have encompassed items and services that range from telecommunications to nutrition. Among his endeavors he devised a way to market fashion watches at convenience stores which ordinarily did not carry such items. His company developed over 700 accounts in 5 states in one year. In 1996 Steve Finger co-founded International Teamworks, Inc. with his brother Stuart which in turn gathered over 150,000 customers. In 2009 Steve formed Good News Roofing in the Austin Texas area with his son Ian and the company was completely debt free in 90 days also earning an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In 2013 Steve and Ian sold the company for a sizeable profit and the company has flourished by continuing to utilize a unique marketing plan developed by Steve Finger. Since 1986, throughout his career in different fields, Steve has enjoyed a full time income mostly on a part time basis in the field of Network Marketing. From a business point of view this has always been the most rewarding because of the opportunity it has afforded him to help others earn substantial incomes. Among his accomplishments, nothing is more precious to Steve than his deep faith and his family. Steve has been married for 35 years, is the father of 3 children and has 10 grandchildren.

Michael Kahn: Chief Operations Officer, Treasurer and Secretary
Michael Kahn has been a self-employed business owner for all of his adult life. He has owned multiple traditional businesses including leather goods manufacturing, financial exchange service, retail nutritional supplement sales, wholesale/retail bakery, and for the last 17 years, network marketing sales. He also has extensive knowledge and success in real estate development and sales. In all of his business ventures, Michael's passion has always been to create the highest level of professionalism, value and win/win scenarios for all involved.

Steve Sakal: National Training Director
Steve Sakal is a Certified Network Marketing Coach and Success Trainer, as well as a multi-million dollar producer who has worked with thousands of network marketers and has personally sponsored thousands of cold prospects. He is featured in a network marketing best selling training DVD titled “Master The Art of Prospecting” which focuses on a natural and a mutually comfortable approach to prospecting. He has built several successful network marketing organizations and has been a trainer for a multi-billion dollar network marketing company. He is an Air Force veteran and has been self-employed for over 27 years. Steve graduated from Coastline College in 1984. He has over 43 years experience in the Electrical Industry. He is a California State Licensed Specialty Contractor and a Professional Business Consultant. Steve earned a State of California Electrical Maintenance Services Certification in 1984. He graduated from Calvary Chapel School of Ministry in 1985. Steve has been married for 38 years and has 2 children. His passion is helping others improve their lives by making better choices, and learning how to minister to the needs of others.

Meagan Harris: General Manager
Meagan Harris has been in the Customer Service industry for over 12 years. She has extensive experience in Administration, Communications and is also self-taught in Web Design. Meagan has a very well-rounded perspective of how to accomplish and assign tasks in an efficient, productive way, while always keeping the best interest of the company, Customers and Associates in mind. Her goal is to create a positive working environment, while providing a solid foundation for everyone to become successful.

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